Sunday, November 16, 2008


I have a long post I have started to write, but I'm not there yet. Life has intervened.

However, I want to write briefly about these post-election times. The euphoria of almost two weeks ago (it seems much longer) has settled down to "who is being considered for this position," and "why has Obama's camp become so much less close to the chest in their vetting process," and "will Obama support a Big Three bailout," and even "what puppy will the Obamas have?"

Amidst all of that hoo-haw, on third pages of newspapers and mentioned on radio only by Randi Rhodes, is a sinister, disjointed for now, movement of hate and violence. I am very concerned about this. We need to vigilant. We need not yet rest on our laurels. Not only do we need to stand strong as a movement for the purpose of making the changes we have all ascribed to as progressives and liberals and just-plain Americans; we need to build this movement so we can stand in strength against the rising fear and hatred fanned by Limbaugh and Savage and the KKK. They will surely rein havoc and murder. We must be larger than them.

I am very hopeful. I am also very concerned about the threat within. These are times of great potential and also of great peril. Let's rise to the call of our times and stand firm together.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

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