Monday, October 8, 2007

Pundit Phlem

I just realized what's been nagging at me for the last few days. Rush Limp Paw calling our slain and wounded heroes "phony." The Ditto Master himself doctoring the recordings and lying to his fans about what he really said later. The power of the Senate reproving Right America's drug addled favorite's employer for his vitriolic comments.

We have a war in Washington over this fat gas bag's verbal farts. Republicans say it's no more than comeuppance for Move On's Betray Us ad. And honestly, I agree. If nobody had jumped out (and I like David Brock of Media Matters, so this is not an attack), and condemned Rush, his tirade would likely have played to the troops in Iraq, un-cut. The damage to Rush (and his corporate puppeteers) would have been much greater.

But do you remember the news a week earlier? Bill O'Riley had provided anecdotal evidence of his bigotry towards blacks. The left was jumping up and down on that and the Billy Bumbler* sputtered his denials with reasoning and subterfuge almost equal in gall to Limbaugh's. Jesse and Al were notably outraged. And which Senator was it who called for the censure of Riley? Oh yeah, that's right. Not a one. Not even Barak Obama if that should make a difference.

I have great respect for our troops. I mean that. But we do not have a draft, so therefore every one of our troops is a volunteer. I understand that poverty and hopelessness play an enormous part in enlistment, but these youngsters made up their own minds nonetheless. Somehow I cannot quite accept the argument that soldiers deserve the rights of our constitution just a little more than anyone else. It's like the idea that cop killers are more culpable than civilian killers. Bullshit. Nobody is forced to be a cop.

Citizens (black citizens) are being threatened with more vitriol than we have seen in at least 2 decades. Ok, that's an opinion. It would take some studying (and careful definition of parameters) to determine if what I am opining is true or not. But I can see it happening and I'm saying what I feel in my gut (sue me). O'Rielly is openly (with an oh shucks, you thought I meant WHAT? attitude) racist. The Jena 6 lynching is dividing black and white like nothing since the 60's. Blacks are being targeted for intimidation by those perpetrating election fraud.

Are we supposed to be surprised? We have a Decider in Chief who is an open bigot (his brand of religion is racist against Arabs).

And it's not just divisions by race that are being targeted. The poor are thrown aside to near insignificance. Children are eyed as slaves were of old; they will become workers and consumers - keep them nourished ... economically. Education is only for the rich. Or bought at the high cost of indebtedness.

I honor our soldiers. But I cry for our children.

*Name stolen with fondness from Stephen King


Sholom said...


The preceding has been a spoonerism and a shameless self-promotion.

Yar said...

How many people today know what a spoonerism is? You have my admiration my young man/woman.

Sholom said...

I don't know if you figured this out yet, but I'm one of Rush "draft deferment due to a blister on the ass" Limp Paw's so-called phony soldiers.
I served in the United States Army for four years, of which time I spent six months in Afghanistan and a year in Iraq with the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault).

Yup. You guessed it. When I came "out of the blue" (or back from Iraq, as the case may be,) I began demanding an immediate withdrawal of all occupying forces.

I have no objections to your linking, and tell all your friends to link to me too. Shameless self-promotion for everybody, WOOHOO!
More importantly, we need you to become one in a million.

A pleasure making your acquaintance, brother.

Funny V-word: simahs

Yar said...

Yeah Sholom, I had it figured out (your blog makes it evident). I called you a true patriot there - and that wasn't smoke up your neather regions either.

I'll read your one-in-a-million post when I have an hour (I read a bit just now and scrolled to the bottom - my hand hurts from all the scrolling).