Friday, August 1, 2008


When I heard this morning that somebody, after seven years of law enforcement going absolutely nowhere, had finally emerged as a credible suspect for the 2001 DC anthrax attacks (that left half a dozen dead), I knew I was about to smell the stench of bullshit.

Sure enough, that familiar smell wafted into my awareness shortly thereafter.

Vince Foster is the poster child for the anti-suicide defamation league of conservative conspiracy theorists. Frankly, I find Foster's suicide a bit suspicious myself. In fact, whenever I become aware of an all-too-convenient death, officially slated as a suicide, I cannot help but sit up and take notice. Like the death of Deborah Jeane Palfrey (rest easy, David Vitter).

This most recent convenience was just such a death. As of this evening, the spin on Bruce Ivins is becoming more and more fleshed out. What began early today as a ironic story of dogged investigation, betrayal and suicide, is now becoming this administration's latest snow job. Randi Rhodes suggested today that Bush had a loose end or two to clean up. One of her callers expanded on that suggestion with the observation that Ivins may have been seen as a liability.

The 2001 anthrax murders and terrorist tactics were most certainly the acts of folks incited (and paid) by Karl Rove at Dick Cheney's behest. They are the real terrorists. They are the murderers. And today, we have seen one final sweeping under the rug of a murder case about as close to the Executive as makes no never mind. And we have been provided with a false list of accusations. And better yet, we have been provided with a corpse. And a corpse cannot testify as to their innocence. Or to the complicity of others.

And speaking of complicity, Nancy Pelosi remains adamant that the protection of the Constitution is off the table. We will not see prosecution of the greatest crimes ever perpetrated against this republic. We will have to suck it all up and accept that "winning" this fall trumps all else. Oh yeah, we're talking about a party winning. That matters. The public doesn't get to win. We get to watch as the winners ascend the dias' and claim their glory. And we are supposed to count that as winning.

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Beth said...

Ahhhh the Vincent Foster 'murder'. Doesn't it just blow your mind to think about all the mountains that were made out of mole hills when Clinton was in the white house with the help of the MSM - and how stories like this are small blips. Stuff like this makes me believe there is a media conspiracy. I do hope these things are investigated under next administration....well as long as it is a democrat.