Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Recipe for Disaster

No, this isn't a commentary. This is a recipe I concocted recently and I felt I should share it for the benefit of all. I hope you like it:

Recipe for Disaster

To a broth of Crusty Old Man, add,

1 Short Temper
3 Bomb’s
plus 1 Iran, well stirred
1 Over-confident Karl Rove
1 Lovelorn Independent “Democratic” Senator / VP hopeful
1 Well-seasoned Romney stuffed firmly into the cavity created by Rove.

Simmer on low heat for several months, then turn to high, and add,

1 Denial of Crusty Old Man male fulfillment
1 Impetuous act of defiance
1 Viagra enhanced libido.

Crank that burner all the way to the Right, and vigorously stir in,

1 to 2 Pregnant Moms
1 Unrequited Beauty Queen
1 Bridge to Nowhere
1.1M Dollars slashed from Pregnant Teen’s fund
A few Caribou shot from an airplane
1 Suspicious Birth (add more to taste)
1 State next to Russia (almost as good as being there)
13,634 Alaskan Independence Party members
1 Estranged Brother in Law
Several As yet unrevealed Scandals

From the oven, remove the previously concocted Incited Hateful Prayer for Rain (see last month’s edition for the recipe), and accidentally spill it, causing hurricanes to rain on your own parade. Maintain a good face and serve promptly. Caution: This recipe sours very quickly; do not attempt to reheat.

Serves: No One

Please distribute freely.