Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Corpses are Dying

Since the spring of 2005 I have contributed to An Exquisite Corpse, a website for collaborative art. This has been a wonderful community to belong to with its marvelous, and sometimes stunning, art, and endless discussion, artistic and otherwise.

Phineas, the site owner and moderator, announced yesterday that the site will be finis following the last posting (there are seventeen remaining "corpses" in the pipeline). He promises to keep the site available as an archive. I am glad for that at least.

To date I have contributed to 42 corpses (the name for the collaborative art pieces). I've been pretty proud of some, and much less so of others. I guess I can at least say that I have been ashamed of none. And it has been a real honor to work with so many other talented artists. I am going to miss this community. A lot.

There's already some talk amongst us of trying something new. I hope we do. I'll do my part to help make it happen. But it will be very difficult to match the spirit that has made An Exquisite Corpse so successful. Please check it out.

Thank you Phineas for everything.


Beth said...

Interesting pictures. Some remind me of this very popular 60's artist but the name eludes me....what handle did you publish your under so I can take a peak. Hope you and yours had a wonderful holiday.

Yar said...

I posted there as Fiddler. I still have one piece in the pipe.

We had a great Thanksgiving. It was great to have both my brothers and theirs visit. And it snowed just a little Thanksgiving night. My youngest brother's girlfriend's daughters were delighted, having only been in the snow once or twice before.

Shae said...

I was considering reviving the corpses, and your nice comment pushed me on over the edge. I'll unveil a new site soon.