Sunday, November 4, 2007

Dress Rehersal?

The news abounds with stories of Musharraf's declaration of "Emergency Rule" and the United States' condemnation of same.


Let's see: Musharraf is condemning dissent as anti-democratic. He has accused the judges of the Pakistani Supreme Court of being activist. He says he has no choice; terrorists have attacked his initiative for democracy. And so he must crack down.

Boy, thank god nothing like that could occur in the United States.

It occurs to me that people create democracy, not governments. And when your democracy is in trouble, the last place to look for repair of the breach is from your government, because only governments can attack democracy. Get it Bush? Terrorists cannot attack democracy. By definition you traitor.


Beth said...

Can't happen in the U.S.? I think it could happen here. Musharraf said it's because of terrorists but it's judges and lawyers he's rounding up, not terrorists. Read Naomi Wolfs book The End of America - it's a small book, easy read. I think she was on Thom Hartman this past Monday. Chilling stuff.

Yar said...

I have the book on order along with the other Naomi, Klein's book Shock Doctrine. I could have picked them up locally but I wanted to get Bonnie a gift. I can't wait for them to arrive.

And both Naomi's have been on Randi Rhodes recently. And Klein is kind of cute.