Thursday, January 24, 2008

Goodbye Dennis

I am very sad today; Congressman Dennis Kucinich announced today that he will be dropping out of the Democratic race for President. It has been apparent since almost the beginning that his chances were beyond slim, and the media has gone out of its way to further marginalize his candidacy. But I vowed to vote for him in the Primary election and had fully intended upon doing so twelve days from now.

Kucinich raised the level of debate. He was the only candidate who never had to make excuses for his voting record. His voting record has always been in accord with his professed principles. What does this say about us as a nation? Even as progressive liberals, how do we account for our cavalier disregard for this best of all candidates? We get pissed off when a candidate votes in a way that appears to be opposite to their stated aims. And when they refuse to simply admit that they were bought off, we get even more pissed. Yet we refuse to support a candidacy that is the antithesis of this cancer. Why???

Ok, it's over. As I said, I am very sad. But now I owe my vote come February 5th to the Democratic Party, and I need to make it count best. I'm thinking Edwards as the next best thing (though he's not fit to lick Kucinich's boots). But I have placed a survey at the right. Tell me what you think. For whom should I vote?

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