Monday, January 28, 2008

There I go getting hopeful again

So Dick Cheney's older daughter (the one who hasn't "disgraced" herself by being gay) is joining Mitt Romney's camp as a Middle East expert (insert the sound of Chris Matthews' "Hah!" here). This is code for "he's our guy" from the Neocon camp.

Several polls show John McCain as the only Republican candidate who could beat either Obama, Clinton or Edwards (with Edwards being the strongest of the three against McCain). Of course that's one reason Edwards' candidacy has been marginalized. But it's the media who is marginalizing him, and they are not necessarily in favor of the Republican candidates. They just don't want a president with corporate reform on his mind - which is Edward's hallmark.

Now in actuality, once the Dems have picked their candidate, the currently simmering smear machine will come to full boil. Barak will not only be Muslim, but will have masterminded 9/11. Hillary will be caught conspiring to enact legislation that will forcibly remove all male CEO's, presidents, executives, and managers, to have them replaced with lesbians. We know the drill. Counter punching will need to be furious to avoid a complete meltdown of support from the marginally informed who eat this stuff up like breakfast cereal.

Still, my gut instinct (to say nothing of the polls) tells me that Mitt will be much easier to beat than will be McCain. So I welcome Republican attacks on McCain with glee. There are the misguided progressive souls who conclude that this means McCain would actually be a good choice for president. Smack! don't think that way ya dolts! He'd be a nightmare.

But the Neocon machine is going to do absolutely everything it can to prevent McCain from getting the nod, and will work overtime to make sure that Mitt is the man. Why? Because he is their perfect shill; even more so than Dubya. It really is that simple.

I saw a You Tube video today, prepared by Romney's camp, that "proved" that the Democrats would most like to run against McCain. I laughed out loud. This is high comedy. Please my dear Republicans, eat your own. It makes me hopeful. Independent voters will flock to McCain. Not all of them, but enough of them. But by and large they will absolutely shun Romney.

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