Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Expose the Lies - Part II

Beth, I appreciate your comment to part 1 of this short series. You are correct in pointing out that Clinton's camp is at least partly responsible for the blanket of lies surrounding Obama that is beginning to spread through the media. I agree that Obama's camp is very unlikely to be defeated by Clinton at this point. And finally, I agree that the right wing, kool-aid drinking Republicans' minds won't be changed no matter how we respond.

The group I am most concerned with is those in the middle or somewhat left of center who aren't plugged in enough to be aware of all the nuances.

For instance, and it's a big one: This clip, going around, of Michele Obama, supposedly saying that this is the first time in her adult life in which she is proud of her country, has been deliberately doctored, and is being replayed in it's doctored form without comment by the main stream press. The word "really" has been stricken before the word "proud." When taken in its unedited form, "... first time in my adult life that I have been really proud of my country," the meaning changes completely.

I caught this today as Thom Hartmann unknowingly played the edited clip, and I immediately tried to inform him. Unfortunately that was by email, as I cannot call talk shows from work. To my relief, a caller pointed it out to him shortly thereafter. Another caller played the uncut C-SPAN clip of this in which she clearly said "really." Thom, to his credit continued to bring this up for the rest of his show and called the editing of the clip "mind-boggling."

In the meantime, Obama has thought it necessary to clarify his wife's comments - totally un-necessarily if the rightwing evildoers weren't out trying to manipulate reality. And I have heard several people on "our side" saying Michele Obama should apologize. This is exactly the problem I am concerned with. We need to shout out the truth and expose the liars and impugn the Republican Party for their complicity. If we don't, Obama is going to start receiving friendly fire, and that would disenfranchise all of us who hope for change.


Brandy said...

That is atrocious that that clip is being played. I heard recently about something along the lines that Obama doesn't salute the flag like 'normal' Americans!

P.S. March 2nd is going to be awesome! If I can get mom to agree ^_^

Yar said...

The saluting of the American flag thing is also BS. Obama himself addressed this one several weeks ago at the first Obama/Clinton only debate. That should have put it to rest then. I have a co-worker who, along with his wife, insist that the only thing they have against Obama is that he is Muslim. I've tried convincing them otherwise, but people are going to believe what they want to believe I guess. Still we owe it to Obama, to say nothing of freedom loving Americans, to counter these lies, always.

Beth said...

These are good lessons for Obama if he does in fact learn from them. During the last debate I was taken by how very much he has evolved since the first one and fighting Clinton will help him on that front as well...but he has to fight. He has to hit her back and hit her hard because she certainly doesn't shrink from a fight and he shouldn't hesitate either. He needs to respond to this stuff rapidly and hard.