Saturday, March 15, 2008


I haven't posted here in awhile. I realized my posts were becoming steadily more angry and frustrated. I started this blog to post more than my political opinions. Unfortunately it has devolved into that, and the opinions have become less and less insightful and more and more predictable; it was time to take a break.

This morning is a good time to post again. For starters I am going to be hanging a garden gate which I started making last weekend and which I have been painting with several coats all week. Bonnie's back yard is a constant source of creative interest and endeavor for me, and a nice thing to post on. I'll put up a photo of the gate later on (although in reality a photo about one month from now will be the one really worth posting, with all the spring blooming not yet here).

We're off to Hawaii in two weeks for a family memorial (my siblings and I were all raised there and most of us were born there). The memorial is a bit late; our mother died over 30 years ago and our father died a year and a half ago. The memorial will be a placing of our father's ashes and our mother's symbolic ashes under a headstone in a cemetery on Kauai. This will unite them again as seems fitting. We will follow with a second ceremony on the Big Island in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, which my father loved, where we will spread more of his ashes.

When we return I am going to build a wooden extension on top of the cinder block wall we have separating our back yard from the arroyo behind us. Ours is the shortest wall on the street which makes our house a potential attraction to would-be thieves wandering the arroyo trail. I am very excited about building this wall extension. After two years discussing a dozen options, making and breaking plans, and letting things simmer, Bonnie and I finally arrived at a solid plan last weekend. It's going to be very attractive. I'll post a photo of our work when it's finished as well. That should be near the end of April, and the yard should be in full bloom then.

I had started this post also intending to copy and respond to a particularly vitriolic comment left last night on this blog. I'll save that for later if at all. It's nice to write about nicer things occasionally.

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Mindy said...

I am happy to see you back on to the blog... I look forward to your posts! :)