Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Bonnie and I are watching a movie we got from Netflix. It's a very offbeat (and very well acted) film from Scottland called "Breaking the Waves."

We're on our second night of viewing this film. It isn't a fast moving thing and it takes some attention.

But here's the really cool part: I haven't heard the song "Suzanne" by Leonard Cohen in decades. I couldn't have told you it was by somebody named Leonard Cohen. In all likelihood you couldn't have either. But the song is simple, haunting and beautiful. It's beautiful in the way Donovan songs were. It's over there on the right side of this blog now for you to hear.

Is it familiar?


Beth said...

I have the Joan Baez version of the song on my ipod. Was one of the first songs I put on the new fangled invention several years ago and it remains on my ipod today. Love the song. Am also a huge LC fan. I have several of his CD's. He does have a very haunting voice. I think my favorite LC song is "Famous Blue Raincoat" or Chelsa Hotel #2.

Dostoy said...

I somehow always associate the song with Judy Collins, since she was the one who first brought it into my consciousness way back in the '70's. Yeah, somehow I knew it was written by Leonard Cohen, but I'm not sure I've ever heard his version of it. LOL...