Thursday, July 24, 2008


I know that in itself, rhetoric is insufficient as a means of enacting social progression. I know Barack Obama shocked and dismayed many of us as he first announced his intention to say "aye" to the unconstitutional FISA bill, and then followed it up with an "aye" on the record in session. And all this when his vote didn't even count, as that awful bill passed far too easily.

I know many of us have chafed at Barack's promise of expanded "faith-based initiative" programs. The word on the liberal street is that Obama is drifting all to swiftly towards the center. And we who put our hearts out in front of our sanity to vaunt his advance over Hillary's juggernaut campaign, have had our sanity severely challenged as a result.

But damn, that man can give a speech. His soliloquy in Berlin today was one more amazing call to action and awareness for those of us who find no value in life except that we confront head-on the human tradegy.

In his speech today, Mr. Obama decided to include the entire world. He did so in a manner that would have elevated John Kennedy. And he managed to bring me to tears. He went beyond his own ambitions; he dispensed with the ambitions of the Democratic Party; he left the ambitions of the United States, and those of Europe, far behind. And he challenged the world. He challenged the world in a way that did not unfairly burden those least able to provide answers, and in a way that fully burdened those who could, and who must, be so burdened. But he included us all as brothers and sisters, and offered a vision, and an obligation, for us all. He acknowledged that we face an hour that is as fraught with peril as it is implicitly positioned for hope. And yet his vision holds out for that hope.

I am no fool. But I will vote for this man and I will pour my strength into securing the success he has dared us all to envision.


Beth said...

I didn't think it was one of his better speeches and I think it may have hurt him more than helped him. We'll see. He gave the other side lots of ammunition to rally their unthinking base. I think he should have just come home after the Middle East. I'm worried about what he did....BUT he's a smart cookie...we'll see.

Yar said...

The "other side" doesn't need ammunition to attack Obama. They manufacture all their own. Sure the marginally brainy right will see nuanced threat here, and attack it. But the drooling masses will not understand that. To them Obama is an N-word and a Muslim and that's already sufficient cause to attack him.

But Obama made a bold move here. And he's got the world at his back now. If the Rovians try to steal the election this time, the world will be in an uproar. Smart move, me thinks.