Saturday, September 15, 2007

Been a Long Time Since I Rock & Rolled

Led Zeppelin is having a one-time-only reunion in London on November 26th. My friend at Beth's Blog provided this link to Led Zeppelin's only official ticket site. She noted that tickets are in high demand and even the website isn't likely to let you in. I had found this to be true a couple of days ago, but I clicked on the link anyway and got right on in to the site. Once there I proceeded to sign up for the ticket lottery.

And now I am officially on the list for potential ticket buyers. The price is $250. Of course the plane ride would be another $800 to $1,000. If by any slim chance I actually do get to buy a ticket, I'm sure I could get a lot of money for it on eBay.

But if there was actually some way I could afford to go, I'd do it.


Brandy said...

Christmas is coming up XD ... hint hint

Yar said...

October 1st was the deadline to be notified. I didn't get notified. No tickets for either of us :-(

Brandy said...

That is very sad news XC