Saturday, September 29, 2007

What's Up

I’ve been remiss in my postings of late. I blame it on my job; I’ve been busy dammit.

I do have a few things I want to post though. To be honest, I’m sometimes overwhelmed by how much I “need” to post, and often end up posting nothing at all.

I’ve added background music to this blog. Let me know if you like it. Yes, you’re right: you can’t turn it off without muting your system. It would piss me off too. But Brandy gave me the idea (and in fact encouraged me to do this). I won’t put any head banger or rap music here I promise. I’m sitting here listening to Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun as I write this and enjoying it. If you don’t like it, well then I’m not so sure I like you.

It’s late September. Where did the year go? I was thinking today that the next time the weather will be as warm as today should be about 8 months from now. For someone who hates the heat (and only lives where I do by coercion) that’s a happy thought.

Bonnie’s mom had her second heart attack this month, so Bonnie is over there now at Connie’s side where she belongs. It seems things are going to be manageable for the foreseeable future with the use of nitroglycerin. I’m glad. Connie and I have fought over the years but she is a really decent person.

I have never understood how they keep these pill bottles from blowing up. A couple of my favorite movies (Sorcerer and Wages of Fear) involve men moving hundreds of gallons of nitroglycerin in trucks over rough roads in remote places. Obviously some of the trucks (and their drivers) blow up. Good times. And actually really good movies. Sorcerer stars Roy Scheider, and enlists the music of Tangerine Dream. Wages of Fear is better. It’s an old French film – and worth reading the subtitles. Both movies have wonderfully developed senses of suspense.

I avoided foreign films for a long time. My excuse was that I could stand neither dubbing nor subtitles. And in truth I cannot stand dubbing, but subtitles really aren’t all that bad. I often find myself forgetting to read them as I get wrapped up in the movie. Once I realize I’ve allowed myself to drift off I go back to the subtitle and make sure I didn’t miss enough of the dialogue to lose the meaning. I rarely rewind.

The thing I really like is listening to the song of the other language. Americans are often chided for being illiterate with respect to other languages. I am guilty myself. I speak a little German and even less Spanish. But I love listening to the sounds even if I don’t know the language. Subtitles allow me to discern a little of the meaning of the sounds. That’s enough to get some sense of immersion into their culture. And it’s really what Bonnie and I love traveling for.

Tell me what foreign films you like and I’ll reciprocate.

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