Sunday, September 9, 2007

Three x Seven

Three and seven are my two favorite primary numbers. I don't know why; I don't have any belief in numerology. If I had to choose between them, seven would win. But only if I had to choose. Three is pretty damn cool on its own.

And three times seven (3 x 7) produces twenty-one. Ergo 21 is one of my favorite non-prime numbers.

And my daughter Brandy turned 21 today, and she is my favorite daughter. Some would argue that one should not take favorites when it comes to your offspring. Brandy is an only child however so she shares the title of both my favorite child and my least favorite child. She spends time as the former much more than as the latter I am very glad to say.

Brandy has planned on having today revolve around her friends and their celebration of her 21-ness. We (Bonnie and I) were to take a back seat and wait until tomorrow night - the day after her birthday. Well she is 21; I suppose that's how things are supposed to progress. Nonetheless I was a little bummed that I wouldn't be able to celebrate with her (and give her presents) until tomorrow.

But she called this morning. Some friend who was supposed to have been there earlier failed to show (or some such, I can't remember for sure). Could she come over to watch Meet the Press and have pancakes with us?

So she came over (Bonnie and I had to rush and wrap her presents and I had to get to the store for a birthday card). We watched Meet the Press and we had pancakes. But the first order of business of course was her opening her presents. Bonnie gave her a purse (to join the 1,607 other purses in her collection). I gave her a very nice camera lens (to join the other two in her collection).

And we both gave her a ticket for a trip on the Durango-Silverton Railroad this October. We just so happen to both have tickets for the same trip as well. Bonnie and I took this train just after New Years almost two years ago and absolutely loved it. The train doesn't make the full journey in the winter so we are excited for the upcoming trip when the train will go the distance.

For anyone unfamiliar with this part of the world, the Durango-Silverton Railroad is a 150 (plus or minus) year old railroad that used to service the mining industry in remote Silverton Colorado, from its base in Durango Colorado. The railroad is now considered a national historical monument and is run for tourists. The scenery is spectacular as the train winds through high passes in the Rockies. In the fall the trees are a riot of color and the trip is a photographer's dream. So naturally we thought of Brandy.

Additionally, the last car on the train is a caboose of sorts with an old West bar and small tables and chairs the length of the car. The railroad has nostalgically dubbed this car the Parlor Car. The Parlor Car has the distinction of serving alcohol and not serving (or allowing) minors. So all the whimpering and wining children are herded with their parents onto other cars. And of course we are taking the Parlor Car. This is partially because Brandy is now 21 and therefore is allowed in the Parlor Car, and partially because it's just simply the nicest car to take the ride in.

I'll post photos after the trip. We are all quite excited.

Oh yes, and by the way, I want to "give a shout out" to Brandy. "Props" for turning 21 darling.


Elizabeth said...

Happy BD to your daughter and congratulations two you and your wife for making it through :-)
Glad to know someone who has their priorities in order - Meet the Press BEFORE pancakes - however Tim is not a very hard hitting interviewer. They all depress me. I worked yesterday so didn't see it. Going to have to remember to set it up in my que for recording. Working weekends is new for me.

Yar said...

Tim isn't particularly hard hitting. He blows with the wind of safety. He's more likely to take on the Repubs now than a couple of years ago because the political climate has changed.

What really pissed me off on this show though, was Joe Biden who said he wouldn't defund the war because the troops need to be protected, yada yada yada. Fuck man if you want to protect the troops get them the hell out of Iraq.