Saturday, July 21, 2007

Crossing My Fingers

Those of you who know me know that I have been self-unemployed for some time. I played the entrepreneur for awhile and it was fun. I just never made much money at it and so I found some other distractions to keep me busy until the money ran out.

I did a wonderful remodel of our upstairs bathroom (I’ll post a photo or two as soon as I can get Brandy in here with her wide angle lens), and I made Bonnie a shady “sanctuary” in the backyard. Bonnie’s going to post photos of this on her blog (

I’ve also been working on designs for other remodel and landscaping projects. Either Bonnie or I or both of us will post some of these sketches.

But despite all this fun and productivity, I’m not taking care of my end of the bargain and Bonnie’s gonna kick my ass out on the street if I don’t start bringing in some cold hard cash soon.
Oh well, I always wanted to know what a sabbatical was like. I guess I know now. I recommend it. It’s time to roll up my sleeves and get back to work though.

I had a phone interview about three weeks ago with a representative of an English company with whom I have had experience. They are hiring locally and their US Talent Acquisition Manager has his office out of New Jersey. He and I hit it off and he told me he wanted to meet with the local boys for a second interview. I was really encouraged.

And then I was cautiously optimistic. And then I was nervous. And then finally after two and a half weeks of “I’m getting around to it,” from my New Jersey friend, I was dumped without much explanation. New Jersey simply told me that the local boys didn’t think I would fill the bill. I said I regretted I wouldn’t have the chance to prove them wrong. Click.

Bonnie was encouraging (though she has since told me she was getting worried). I got depressed. The classifieds are no place to find a job. These people don’t know me. My credentials are specialized and don’t exactly make me qualified on paper for what I would really like to do. But I know what I can do and what I should never try doing. I wouldn’t pitch myself for something I’m not suited for. So if I apply for a job it’s because I know I can do it regardless of what my “qualifications” say.

But you have to know me to know that’s true. Bonnie knows it’s true. Brandy probably does too. But I can’t expect a stranger to know it. The old saw, “It’s not what you know; it’s who you know,” really applies here. This is why the classifieds fail me. These people don’t know me and I don’t know them.

So I need to rely on my network. But my network is primarily composed of people in the type of work I don’t want to do anymore.

What made this English company so attractive is that it serves (among others) the industry I have been associated with without doing the kind of business I’ve been doing these past fifteen years. And I know some of their people and some of their people know me. This is supposed to be what people call the best of both worlds. Which is why I felt that this was the perfect job. Which is why I was despondent when they said thank you but no thank you.

After dusting off my pride I followed up with another contact with whom I had spoken last fall – back when I still thought I could be a successful business owner. He had suggested at the time that I interview with the firm he worked for. I spoke with him earlier this week and he said he’d get back to me late this week or early next week. I don’t know; this one may work out.

But before you go and say, “well there, so second choice may not be so bad,” listen to this: I got a phone call two days ago. From New Jersey. From the Talent Acquisition Manager who had so recently sent me packing. He started the conversation telling me I could hang up on him if I wanted to.

Right! Like I was going to hang up. I had no idea why he was calling but despite my sour grapes I still felt (and feel) that this was the job for me. Any call had the possibility of re-opening negotiations.

It seems that the local guy that Mr. New Jersey really wanted me to meet with has been on holiday and has just recently returned. I know him and have worked with him. He got wind of the prior interest in me and said of course he would want to interview me for the position. Yes!

I meet with this guy Monday. Wish me luck. I’ll keep you posted.

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Mindy said...

LOTS AND LOTS of luck Uncle Yar! I know you will do GREAT!