Sunday, July 8, 2007


I read a good blog today: The title is Sicko: Commenting on commentaries, by James Clay Fuller. The author provides some anecdotal support for claims and opinions voiced in Michael Moore's movie Sicko.

The forum allows comments and there are many. Most were equally supportive, also replete with anecdotal evidence. Some were less so, or not supportive at all. There was this one gem:

The same "Gubmint" whose failures at the Walter Reed hospital can't take care of its own soldiers surely can't take care of the nation as a whole. Government healthcare does NOT work well in Canada, Britain NOR Cuba, contrary what Michael Moore wants you to believe. Sure, its free. But wait two years to get a simple consultation, and see how "free" it really is, with skyhigh taxes. Canada has waiting lists to get on the waiting lists. People are dying while waiting.

Cuba has a two-tier healthcare system, one for the foreign "paying" customers, and one for the people. Not really that different from America. Go to Cuba and see for yourself. My wife, who is a foreign citizen has been there. She was shocked, because she had always heard Fidel was so great, etc. She saw the poverty that Communism spreads, as it wants everyone to be equal: equally poor, with the exception of a ruling oligarchy controlling the distribution of wealth, concentrating the power in the central government. The tourists to Cuba live like kings, while its people live like dogs, and it is really shocking that they have more rights than the citizens.

That is not to say that alot of these issues Moore points out are not real, they are, and they're terrible. But the "gubmint" is only going to make them worse. I don't want a massive inefficient bureaucracy machine taking care of my needs.

Michael Moore mixes truth and lies. What this is really about, in the end, is power. The Government's ability to exercise power over every aspect of your life, and it is they, the new massive HMO, who decides who lives and dies. That is a dangerous precedent, and sets the stage for the Biblical prophecies to be fulfilled, before the awesome Day of Adonai that is coming soon.

Not being one to shy away from confronting idocy, I replied. My reply was not profound or particularly well written. I only re-post it here for the record:

Ben, you're just spouting off the talking points of the American oligarchy, taking them for truth without bothering to question the facts at all. I wouldn't be at all surprised if you think Saddam Hussein was responsible for 9/11.

The bottom line with regard to having a massive bureaucracy running our health care is that I think we would be much better off if complaining about (and working on fixing) such a bureaucracy were that the only problem we had with our health care system. As it is we CURRENTLY have many massive bureaucracies (in the form of HMO's and other insurance carriers) ALREADY making a mess of our health care. And you can talk all you want about how terribly our government handles public services but I don't see any massive problems with the US Mail, or with the US Army, or with the Federal Highway system. Sure you read about waste and other issues in each of these, but it's not as if that characterizes these systems. Where you read the most about inefficiencies is in relation to so-called entitlement program administration. And are we surprised? Social Security, welfare programs, Head Start, and others are always on the chopping block so pork can be funded, and the taxes of the wealthy can be cut. There is no consistent, dependable public trust funding them, and so their staffing ebbs and flows. So let's not be coy about this.

I am sick and tired of the criminals who have taken over this country and who have taken over the minds of the uneducated who in turn dutifully spout out dependable renditions of the latest (and meanest) talking points of the extreme right. If it weren't so tragic and downright frightening, it would be hilarious: Millions of people getting screwed, lauding the efforts of those screwing them - and their children. Wake up Ben. Wake up all you dupes and open your minds.

I'm moving to England as soon as I can. I love America. I love what we are supposed to stand for. But we don't any more. I'm not sure we ever will again. We don't seem to have the will as a people to throw off this yoke. And this yoke is many times worse than King George's ever was. Oddly enough, the British have actually done a better job of throwing off that yoke than we ultimately have. That may not be fair to us. We've been about it longer than have the Brits. Still, I for one want to enjoy the remainder of my life in a country that CURRENTLY embodies the principles ours used to embody.

I signed my name too, but I didn't invite anyone to repent.

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