Friday, July 27, 2007

I Got the Job!

For those of you who have been sitting on pins and needles as the drama unfolds (see Crossing My Fingers and No News Is ... No News), you will be pleased to know that at long last I got the job!

I am waiting to get my official contract emailed to me today but I am too excited to wait any longer and just had to post this. I asked for $5k more than I thought I could get and ended up getting $5k more than I asked for. I'll be making only a little less than I was making fourteen months ago when I decided to leave my old job, and will have many fewer headaches. I call that a win-win. I don't know all the benefits yet (they'll be spelled out in the contract) but I know they'll be competitive. I'll either update this post or add a new post once I have all that information.

And to refresh your memories, the company I will be working for is an English company with some real history. The company dates back to Scottland about 150 years ago, so it's quite venerable. The work I will be doing for this company is estimating and cost analysis. That probably makes you yawn and scratch your head (or wherever else you might like to scratch) and ask yourself why I could possibly be excited about estimating and cost analysis. Why indeed? Well that really is a good question I say rhetorically to the great unknown. It just happens that sort of stuff floats my boat. Just as well ask why you like pepperoni but despise salami.

I dont' start for two weeks (August 13th to be precise) because many little ducklings need to be ushered into a row first. That will give me time to finish a project or two at home and maybe finish the tome I am currently engulfed in.

I'll follow up when I have more juicy details. Until then, ciao!


Mindy said...

THIS IS FANTASTIC NEWS! I am so happy for you Uncle Yar!!! Now you can enjoy your weekend and start getting excited for the new things to come!

Barb said...

That is such great news. And maybe you will even get some travel out of the whole deal! The best thing of all is that you and Bonnie will have the $$ for all your projects, ideas, dreams and what ever else you want to do. So awesome. I can hardly wait to see the new stuff you are going to build in the backyard - it looks so nice already but will really have your initials on it with all the plans you have. Very cool.

Me said...

Congrats! I just changed jobs as well because my last job was too stressful and I wasn't getting paid for my overtime. Now I'm working from home and love the reduced stress level! BTW I found my way here via your posting on my blog - "beth's blog".