Wednesday, July 25, 2007

No News Is ... No News

So the status of the job I interviewed for on Monday is unknown. It's in limbo. The interview went well. I think they like me and they want me. Here's the catch: This company has a client for whom this position is slated. The client has a representative who gets a say in who is hired. And this guy is on vacation. So the bottom line is that I can't even get an offer - assuming one is forthcoming - until this guy gets back from his summer fun. And then I may end up having to interview with him as well.

So I'm back to twiddling my thumbs. And I'm back to designing my landscaping and other outdoor features that I need to get a job so I can build. At this point I'm going to continue to fine-tune the designs so once I can afford to build them I'll have worked out all the kinks.

One thing I realized needed fixing was my garden shed layout. I have the lawnmower alcove right next to the door. This is dumb and I'm not even sure why I came up with this. So I've fixed this, as well as improving the fascias and adding a light (I think I can get some power over there). So here it is now:
Bonnie and I decided to create a comprehensive plan for our outdoor stuff. I'm going to put together the main plan and the individual piece plans and details in a bound set of blueprints. I've got a start right now with my main plan below:
If you click on the picture above it will open an 8-1/2x11 PDF file. I'll keep the PDF file updated with other sheets as I create them so visit now and then if you want to see what we've got in mind.

I'm really excited about completing all these ideas. I think we're going to end up with a beautiful front and back yard. I do need to start with weeding out the grass I poisoned in front of the sidewalk though.

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