Saturday, August 18, 2007

My Dues at Work

The ACLU has filed suit with the FISA court over the extraordinary surveillance powers given this administration. And the court has ruled the government must answer the ACLU. Further, the government must explain any continued withholding of facts. The government has been given until August 31st to respond. The ACLU in turn must respond to what the government gives them by September 14th.

I don't know if any further rulings have been made or can be inferred if the ACLU challenges the government's response. I would have to assume the court would hold the government in contempt if they fail to respond, but I have no idea what if any the effect of holding the government in contempt would be. That is unless they simply hold key players in contempt (whom would they choose do you suppose). And contempt can mean jail time.

I don't know how this will all work out, but I want to congratulate the ACLU for this unprecedented move. If Congress lacks the moral courage to find out and make public the truth, the true freedom fighters will need to step in. I think this bodes well for our democracy.

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