Friday, August 24, 2007

I forgot to give this post a title. You're getting sloppy Yar.

This is what I started to write last night, only to be distracted. I'm sitting right now at my desk at work on my second Friday on the job. I finally received my computer this Tuesday and I was excited. Here I would be put to work at last.


I'm still waiting to get to work. I have found things to do here and there but largely I am just twiddling my thumbs. Now I can twiddle my thumbs on the computer instead of twiddling my thumbs ... with my thumbs.

I've installed several free utilities and other programs on the computer here. None of these has impressed me yet. I have a couple of programs at home I would like to install here but they have multiple installation prevention. There is one program I use that I don't exactly have a legitimate license for. I won't install that here at work. No no no.

I sit and listen to web-streamed programming as I "work" on my computer. I listen to progressive radio program The Stephanie Miller Show first thing in the morning, and then I listen to Thom Hartmann on Air America. After him I either listen to Randi Rhodes (also of Air America) or I stream KINK FM. KINK is a station Bonnie and I found in Oregon when we lived there. We really like the mix of music and the progressive hosts. And we don't have anything like that offered locally. We used to catch a station called Radio Free Santa Fe but I think they were bought out by Clear Channel or somebody and turned into a parking lot.

I'm supposed to get busy by the end of next week (please dog!); right in time for a three-day weekend. Go figure. I hope to never have time at work to post here again. Cross your fingers with me.


Elizabeth said...

Only thing worse than TOO MUCH work is too little. The days pass soooo slowly. I hate that. Fortunately my days are full and pass quickly.

Yar said...

I actually snuck out 10 minutes early. I felt guilty, but of course that's rediculous - I am just taking up space there now. I can't wait to get busy.