Monday, August 6, 2007

Please Comment

A few posts back (No News Is ... No News) I presented my comprehensive plan for landscaping at the homestead. Part of this plan is to fill in a space parallel to the sidewalk with pavers and planters. This 60 foot long space used to be filled with ugly box headges that we had removed a couple of months back. Now it's just dirt (or weeds, depending on when you drive by). We want to do the work on the sidewalk pavers this summer or fall.
So here is the question: I came up with a cool pattern Bonnie and I both like, but it will take an incredible amount of paver cutting. I love doing the masonry work, but this will take me into the next decade. So I came up with a new pattern that takes only a moderate amount of paver cutting. Let me know what you think (click the picture to see it bigger). I really do want some other opinions.

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Mindy said...

Uncle Yar,

I think these look really great! I am sure it will turn out awesome!