Monday, August 27, 2007

On a Lighter Note...

While I maintain this blog primarily as a means of airing my views about things both important and trivial, I occasionally wax vehemently political. I know a few people who visit this blog whos views differ dramatically from mine and while I would love to convince you that my politics are superior to yours, I know I won't.

And for those of you who fit this bill, I would still like to welcome you to read my less polarizing posts. To wit, here is one such post.

I previously posted regarding our plans for our back yard. I have several such posts and I'll let you find them for yourself rather than linking to them here. The rendering at the right shows this composite plan (click on the image to see it larger).

Bonnie and I were out Saturday and visited an open house down the street (we like to see what houses are selling for what in our neighborhood). It was a lovely house and we particularly liked a garden pavilion they had semi-permanently attached to their patio. Our backyard plans have included a structurally attached canopy over our patio, but this new idea has us intrigued.

This rendering shows what we have in mind (click on the image to see it larger). It also shows our new (as yet unbuilt) shed and deck plans. I think there are upsides and downsides to this pavilion. I'd love to have additional input. Feel free to comment.


Elizabeth said...

Very nice. You must not get the kind of storms we get here - I'd be afraid a thunderstorm would blow through and blow it away...although my neighbors have something similiar over their deck (which I kept hoping would blow away!) it has withstood the few storms we've had this summer.

Yar said...

We get storms that blow here. I think I could build it in such a way as to prevent that (unless we had a tornado). It's probably moot anyway; I think we've decided to go with plan A - the structurally fixed roof.